Friday, January 18, 2013

pra final exams


Alhamdulillah thumma alhamdulillah

"dan ingatlah ketika Tuhanmu memaklumkan, "Sesungguhnya jika kamu bersyukur, nescaya Aku akan menambah (nikmat) kepadamu, tetapi jika kamu mengingkari (nikmatKu), maka pasti azabKu sangat berat" 
(surah ibrahim 14:7) 

exam semester pra final year baru sahaja melambai dan berjabat mesra semalam...being a final year student is not an easy work man! i didnt expect it would be as hard and 'busy' like this...(menangis tutup muka) :P

feeling like having a horror life maybe? oh noooo! its not a horror life exactly but its the sweetest moment of being a final year student living with juniors with same ages with you and opkoz we study n eat together!! mashaAllah! its a very wonderful feeling!

u know why? its because i feel the varieties of people around me, feeling the varieties of siblings i ever had now and i wanna all of them to be my siblings in jannah too insyaAllah ;)

after these one semester, too much i think i have learned from all of you, too many things that we are all adapted to each other and yeah, living with someone with you don't know much is quiet weird at first and actually i was struggling to live with all of you ;) (terharu x?) hihi

but, i realize that the struggling is something very sweet and unforgettable as well as i know its not easy for all of us to adapt to each others behavioursss and yeah everything...but its all about ukhuwwah fillah coz of aqidah...

being the only final year student in that house for this semester is quiet challenging for me....i feel the loneliness,,, but as time goes by, i feel this might be better rather than staying with the final year student too...might be more stress as i know i was a lazy monster of kahfian who was very lazy for the FYP (final year project) hihhi

OMG! yeah, thats monster came from my habit of eating non stop and eating too much in that house with another monster of chemical student..hihihii

Ya Rabbi! suda melalut ni haaa.....just wanna curhat about theseeeeee awesome feeling after all stresses and busy week of examinations! lets go! use our time wisely for tarbiyyah toooo!! final semester!! just wait for me haaaa ;)

mau marathon OMAR SERIES dan marathon RECORDINGSSSSSSSS

ayuh! man ansaarullah?! nahnu ya ukhtiiii! ;)


post ini berakhir dengan senym lebar sampai ke manjung ;)

in HAPPY LAND with lil sis ;)

dak debab with lil boy in HAPPY landdddd ;) 

bell pepper have been infected with my fungi ~ my fungi is really pathooogenic!

jazaakumullah khayran katheera for all these sweet moments ;)

-ikin yang akan syahid insyaAllah-


surf-fix @ ibnu marzuki.. said...

ikin kan rajin wat fyppp...huhu..;p

Qurratua'yun said...

hehe :) rajin sbenarnya...fasa x larat dah ni,, may all of us graduate cepat2 insyaAllah :D happy holidays! hoho