Tuesday, June 21, 2011

bulatan donat manis

salam alaik!
 Happy fathers day n happy birthday to me~

Ouch! i'm 20 years old! omo~ 
2 decades had pass...and i'l never know if i'll get more time or not for this journey...
anyway, wanna wish so much thank you to my dad for all your sacrifice and yeah, maceh coz you are my daddy!

even i am 20 now, mom n dad are still worried about me, and of course about all of my sisters also..
mom says, coz u are girls...omo~ 
she'l never let me go far from her,, n she'll never allow me to fly either..
that's why she told me, she already made dua'a so that i'll never go overseas..oucHh!
see? how moms dua'a could change everything..subhanAllah!

this long holiday is such an awesome days to be with mom n dad but at the same time it is horrible for my heart.
Day to day, i think i might loss my half heart...ouch! scary though!
Heart is everything, without it, we'll die INSTANTLY! gosh~
living at home is such a comfortable zone, but at the same time it was a disaster for people like me...
who need hands to catch up with imaan...aiGoO~

anyway, jazakAllahikhiar dear all sisters and brothers for da wishes! May Allah bless all of us fi dunya wal akhirah, and may He lead us to the straight path till the end of our lives..ameen..

By the way, dear my lil sis, good luck for your studies, n dear dak masyam, be a good boy! muahaha
cian...asyik kena buli~ agagaga, 

anyway, pliz make dua''a for me to get that part time job in campus, n help in accomodation services...hihi
sambil menyelam cari ikan~ if possible, wanna meet the freshies and yeah, jom ke bulatan donat manis! hihi
xpe, starting with dough and nut and walk together for bulatan donat manis...

Lots of love, 

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