Wednesday, March 2, 2011

something about February


Now is already March!! 
Dont you realize how fast our world move??
Last February was a very busy month in my life,
a very hectic and serabut~

having experiment every week, 
trying to be patient for the unethical person, 
trying to be as good as I could, and yeah...
the month that I'll never forget for this year, maybe~

My hectic life start after we were having a very nice trip to Port Dickson with my housemates and
Dila's sweet!!!
But, there were soo many things that I'll remember for the rest of my life...
the first thing was, I secretly went to Port Dickson, without mom and dad's permission!!
coz I'm very sure, they'll never allowed me to...
but, eventually, they discovered my plan, and kantoii!!! aigOo~
but its ok, the understand, but just worried for my safety...
ok, fine...hehe

besides, we were having a whole nice picnic, naik banana, hehehe n...bbq!!! Nyum2!!
But, i missed the pic for banana...
Next time, will play again!! yeaHh!! InsyaAllah ^^,

After all, I was thinking, why we were so close to the environment? to the sea, to this whole world??
Everytime we hear the bird's singing in the morning, we'll smile for it...
its not because they make joke or whatever...but because we want to smile for it...
maybe not u, but I always wanna smile, hearing to their sing, with a wonderful tranquil morning as we wake up...
wow!! How wonderful our world was!!
With the mesmerize sea we play last month, these are awesome!!!
But, do we reflect back, who created all these??
who give all these to us??
SubhanAllah!! How great His love to us!!
so?? Jom b'syukur!! ^^,

"Maka nikmat TuhanMu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan?" (ar-rahmaan:13)

Another thing was, Mysoc ( Malaysian society) in my university was just created but it still under 
islamic society...
Although it was still a new society, but still we have more chance to invite the Malaysians to involved in any 
activities regarding Islam...we are trying to encourage Malaysians to be active in this society and at the same time build the ukhuwah...insyaAllah..
MashaAllah!! this show how He help us in our way...
maybe not from Isoc way, but from Mysoc, under Isoc...   

That's all for updates! May this new month bring us 1000+ happiness and His blessing!!

pics have no time to upload!! will do when free..hihi

Bisikan Nurani:
Smile for the pain of our life, coz it just a simple test that we must pass in this patient, and lets forgive others, so that He will forgive us...insyaAllah


afifah said...

smile always. =)

Anonymous said...

akak percaya dia buat mesti ada asbabnye.dah muhasabah diri?^.o

Mirull Ibnu Azman said...

Mysoc? untuk akhawat je ke?

Qurratua'yun said...

akk mush> jazakillahikhair 4 ur advice! angah rse, angah tau pe hkmahnye... :))

ayong> :)

korea> idak eh...mysoc ad utk ikhwah gak,,, ce tnye akh assroul :) jomla join rmai2 :)