Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Docter! I'm still studying!! huhu

20. 10. 2010???
Its all start with the doctor i'd prescribe here...
he said...
"Nothing I could do, but to take out your  nail..."
??? How scary!!!! I just shout loudly in the clinic, saying..
" Doc!! I'm still studying and can't miss my lecture!!...huhuhu...lagipun sakit!!!"
then, the nurse came and laughed at me!!! huhu...she advice me to come after I'm better, and they'll proceed their desire!! to take out my nail!!!! GosHh!!!
huhuu...sooOo scaRy!!!
I just thought of the misery days soon...the days without my thumb nail...agagagaa...

"Docter, is it ok if I don't take out the nail? sakiTt!! My little bro just take out his nail last month..
I was so scary, looking at his feet!! "

"But, it is going to be worser if you leave it like that..its better to take it out, coz you have infections inside your nail..we have to take it out, so that the treatment could be done.."

the nurse laughed again as she looked at my face...adOoYhh...
"Its ok, come after you've finish the medicines, ok?"

huhu...tengoklah dulu...dtg kot...huhu..
she laughed again...i hate that,,,but somehow, she gives me some more time to think...either I have to go or not...hopefully, it will be alright and have to get well soon for my lab report!!! 
HELP!!!! huhu...
I hate u bacterias!!! but u love me??? always stay on my feet??? DusShH!!!

Mom!!! wanna go back!!! huhu..
I promise will stop hiking Broga, and will hear your advices!!! 
But, please,,,I need you...

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