Thursday, July 1, 2010

Already 19 =)

Firstly Happy Birthday Ubi Kentang!! Muahahaha =) The last year 4 being teens!! Waa!!! Mau undur umur bleh dak?? Huhuhu…anyway, let’s share something…DO YOU KNOW???we share our birthday with at LEASt 9 other million people in the world? Thus, Happy Birthday dear all my twins!! Muahaha=)

Actually, decided to post something during my first day becoming a 19 year old teen!! But…no internet at home… have difficulties to update my dear blog…huhu..=( but, still, have to enjoy my life!! aisHh…Summer break will be around month 6 till 9…So, every year, will never ever have chance to celebrate birthday with friends!! Waa~

aisHh…stop that ubi!! Let’s enjoy our precious moment! nanges jewk! Apa daa..~

Wanna write about my experience working in a shop lah…hehe..You know??Being an employee?? Not easy…definitely, we have to obey our employer, be punctual and honest…Start from 8:30a.m till 5.00 p.m with only 1 hour break…huhu…no time to repay my sleep…But, maybe this way is better…Lots of sleep will make us more tired and headache…So, lets have a healthy lifestyle!! yeaHh!! Muahahaha…

Actually, its my first time riding dad’s motorcycle to the shop…and,,I have no licence!! Fortunately, no police around here... Wakaka =) actually, quiet worried, scared and not confident about myself…But, alhamdulillah…its alright! Yeahh!! BasHa!!

About a week working, started feeling bored and wanna stop working…muahaha..aiyaKk!! so bad huh?=) SubhanAllah..try to think positively, I realized…this is the way He want me to know how hard our parent earn money to afford us…How valuable their salary for them…but they sacrificed all these things because we are more precious than other things! We are under their responsibility…for this reason, they sacrificed everything…SubhanAllah…this is life all about…

Already late! The clock is jealous!! aisHh!! That’s all 4 Junes post!! Have a nice holidays!! Enjoy! =)

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