Monday, May 24, 2010

wonderful life...


I just came back from Sunway pyramid...hehe...enjoy skating with dila,kakak n adik...its a very nice moment actually!! luv u all!! aHakZs! 
actually, this is the second time we went for skating..its really10x awesome! subhanallah...but the skating shoes provided were less comfortable...
ermm...I don't know what and how to say, but the shoes were not as comfortable as expected and for this reason, I feel reckless to skate again next time...huhu~ 

anyway, we enjoy very much and I feel soo happy!! wanna know why??muahaha...
this time, I manage to balance my body from fall down!! waHh!! that's really greaT! coz when the first time i came  skating, I fell down many times and I am the one who cannot skate very well among other frens at that moment...and for this time, I could balance from falling down, but a little girl unfortunately push me and..yeaHh I fall down!! waa~ and ....
I fell down for the first and second time by myself in the first round game and second game respectively. but,,,its ok!! at least, its better than before...isn it??hihi...
anyway, i luv skating because its like in the korean drama, where most of the scenes were in the skating area...hihihi..

ni b4 skating...ahakzs!!

adeyhh...dik kodek main cndid lak...huhu~ anyway, sgt10x starving tyme nih...~

we are trio! hehehe...

tkotnye jatOh!! huhu~ sbnarnye camera is not kami wat degil ... muahaha

saranghae! aHakZs!! =)

cumel x kami??muahaha

kami x sbar nk skate nihh!! yeaYy!! hehehe

cincin grup..hihi...cute ah..=)

dats all 4 pic!! b4 shut down, wanna story dat the train(KTM) now had already provided special coach 4 women!! dats soo great!! muahaha...this is due to many complaints from women that there are disturb with sexual harassment in the train and they were uncomfortable with the situation... sbgai, still ad yg gak 
org2 bkn wanita msuk disini...adeYhh...xpela..asal majoriti ttp ladies...haha..

alright! wanna rest...hve some works 4 library tomorrow...papai!! salam...=)

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