Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mau membebel...

salam...I just cme back from ISOC booth!!...hehehe....very nice week actually...but also a very busy week...dun want to be a loser in the club...but u know, I always have problems with most of the commity members as I am no very fluent talking in English...
but actually, all things have reasons rite?
Maybe The Almighty Allah want me to learn English better and try to speak fluently... comment worried now!!!....aiyakkkk....
But ok, dats all will be fine I think...
Now, its about the QUESTIONNAIRE!!! Hopefully, it will be effective !!
wanna have a story 4, I just distribute our Q to 3 lectures in this campus and u know what???!!!
2 of the lecturers don't know about this Stevie...but they are in pharmacists!! muahahaha........KanToOii!!!
Its tyme 4 waiting the other one Q from BA15 lcturer...hehehe..
errmmm...wait!! I have another thing to give u, but its inside my phone, could u wait till I m free??
I hve a lot of nice pics during ISLAMIC AWARENESS WEEK !!! Yeayy!!
wait for me yeahh??!!
OopPss!! by the way. untill Thursday, we will hve  a talk at 5:30 pm..
Do come n join us!!! JazakAllah 

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